Can Angelfish and Discus Live Together in the Same Tank?

Keeping angelfish and discus together seems like a natural mix. Both are spectacular fish and the temptation to put them in the same tank is compelling. Both species come from the same area and live in a similar environment. Angelfish and … Continue reading

Fish Native to Blackwater Habitats

Take a different approach to creating a fish tank habitat with a black water fish tank. Freshwater angelfish are among those whose native habitat is South American blackwater streams. These streams have wood and leaves that make the water … Continue reading

Species of Fish You Can Keep With Angelfish

What fish can live with angelfish? This is a list of freshwater fish species that are generally peaceful and compatible with your angles, and unlikely to nip the fins of your angels. Loaches Elephant nose and the snake loaches tend to be … Continue reading

Angelfish Compatibility: Aggressive Fish That You Should Not Put With Angels

Angelfish are generally quiet and peaceful fish. However, they are cichlids and some will nip fins. Though, aggressive and semi-aggressive tank mates will do more damage to angelfish fins and tails, than angelfish will do to each other. … Continue reading

What Fish Can You Put With Angelfish in a Community Tank?

Flickr: BlueRidgeKitties Angelfish should be kept in groups of four in a tank big enough for that many and other species. It should also be tall to accommodate an angelfish height. The different scalare varieties, such as the veil, marble … Continue reading

What are the Best Fish Tank Decorations for Angelfish?

Photo by nycbone, Flickr The best fish tank decorations for angelfish improve the habitat for the fish without causing harm to the fish or tank. The primary concern when decorating an angelfish habitat is their fins and tails. Smooth River … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Angelfish Aquarium Décor for a Natural Habitat

Choosing the best aquarium décor for a freshwater angelfish tank should be to the benefit of the fish, not just the observer. The setting should be appropriate to making the fish feel comfortable and at home, and not necessarily one that … Continue reading

Blackwater Aquarium Fish

The water in a blackwater biotope is slow moving, tea colored, acidic and soft. The goal for a blackwater aquarium is to simulate a natural stream environment for angelfish and their tank mates. Nature produces blackwater streams when … Continue reading

Fish Tank Wood: Bogwood, Driftwood, and Mopani Wood for the Angelfish Aquarium

Adding fish tank wood gives aquariums natural decor and helps create a more natural habitat for your angelfish. Bogwood is a nice, if not an essential addition to a blackwater tank because it naturally turns water tan and acidic, conditions … Continue reading

Wood for Aquariums: Using Bogwood and Driftwood in Tropical Fish Tanks

Tank decorating for the freshwater angelfish can include adding wood for aquariums. Bogwood and driftwood are common woods used in fish tanks. These can enhance the look of your tank and the habitat for your angels. What is Bogwood? Bogwood … Continue reading