What Fish Can You Put With Angelfish in a Community Tank?

freshwater angelfish fish

Flickr: BlueRidgeKitties


Angelfish should be kept in groups of four in a tank big enough for that many and other species. It should also be tall to accommodate an angelfish height. The different scalare varieties, such as the veil, marble, or gold, and different species, such as the altum angelfish, are compatible in a large tank. Veiled angelfish with long fins may be susceptible to having their fins nipped by anyone. This is something to keep in mind when setting up your angelfish community tank.

These are some general fish species that you can keep with angelfish.


Several types of tetras come from the Amazon River with angelfish. Several are suitable for a community tank with angels. Black skirt, blind cave, serpae, silvertip, bleeding hearts, cardinal and neon tetras are compatible with angelfish. While cardinal and neons are compatible with angels, they may be too small. An angelfish will eat them if it can get them in its mouth.


Dwarf, honey, dwarf, blue and pearl gouramis are good with angels. Most gourmais are compatible, but there are individual exceptions.


Angelfish are good with elephant nose and the snake loaches such as the kuhli loach. Clown loaches tend to be too nippy for the angelfish.

silver dollar fish photo

Silver Dollar Fish, Flickr: brian.gratwicke

Silver Dollar Fish

Silver dollars are a schooling fish that can be kept with angelfish. They are silver round shaped fish. They are mostly vegetarian. As with all fish, some can be aggressive and nippy.


Danios are active fish that swim in schools. They are easy to keep. They prefer fast moving waters, but will do all right in a big tank with angels.


There are several types of rasbora, and they are schooling fish. They are best kept in groups of six. The harlequin rasbora is common. Size is an important consideration for putting them in with angels.

CatfishSterbas corydora photo

Corydoras catfish are among the most common catfish in aquarium tanks. They are peaceful bottom dwellers and help keep the tank clean. They are good angelfish companions.

Synodontis catfish are from Africa, but compatible in an angelfish community tank. They can grow to 8 inches long.

Plecostomus catfish can also live with angels.


Livebears, such as mollies, swordtails, and platys will live with angels. The angels will eat any fry they may have. Bala and other sharks are compatible for an angelfish compatible tank.


Freshwater angelfish are cichlids. Even though they are cichlids, they aren’t extremely aggressive. The blood parrot fish is a hybrid and compatible with angelfish. Cichlids as a whole could be trouble for the tank.

Discus are also cichlids and with angelfish make a spectacular tank. However, discus are susceptible to disease, need specific water conditions, and warmer water. Any fish with a discus needs to be able to survive in their water. Also plecostomus catfish are said to suck the slime off discus. Discus in any community tank is iffy.

It’s hard to definitely recommend fish for a community tank because there’s always an exception to any rule. Fish that are supposed to be harmless, sometimes are not. It’s a situation of buyer beware.

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