Angelfish Care

Programmable LED Fish Tank Lights that Will Mimic Freshwater Angelfish Native Habitats

In their native environment angelfish may live in a shaded area, a spot where trees or other vegetation filter the sunlight and dot the stream with patches of sunlight or in full sunlight. In addition to full sun where the sun provides … Continue reading

Angelfish Companions Chart

Produced by PetCo, this chart shows you which fish make good angelfish companions and which fish you should not have in your angelfish tank. Learn more about angelfish companions at: Can Angelfish and Discus Live Together in the Same Tank … Continue reading

Different Types of Aquarium Filters: How They Work and Choosing the Best One for Your Tank

Fish health depends on a good tank filter. Photo by Carnat Joel/Flickr There are several different types of aquarium filters to provide clean water to keep angelfish and their tankmates happy. Which aquarium filter you choose will depend … Continue reading

What is the Best Water Heater for a Fish Tank with Angelfish

A water heater for a fish tank will keep your aquarium at a constant and comfortable temperature for your angelfish. Some aquarists feel that it’s better to choose a lower wattage heater so that if the contacts malfunction and permanently … Continue reading

Growing Live Plants in an Angelfish Aquarium

Some aquarists are able to stick an aquatic plant in gravel, and it takes off. Others monitor the water, type of plant, feed it, and it dies. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Did you know? You can buy live … Continue reading

Keep Your Anglefish Swimming Comfortably: How to Adjust the Aquarium Filter Flow

Angelfish, discus and South American cichlids live in slow moving blackwater streams. They are more comfortable in tanks that feature gentle water movement rather rapid moving water. Therefore the best aquarium filter for anglefish is one … Continue reading

How Many Angelfish? Problems with Fish Capacity Calculations

Whether you use the fish per gallon or surface area calculations, none of the fish capacity calculations offer a perfect answer as to how many angelfish (or any other fish) you can stock your aquarium with. This is because there are many … Continue reading

How Many Angelfish? 3 Methods for Calculating How Many Fish You Can Put in Your Aquarium

There’s no golden rule for calculating how many angelfish you can put into your aquarium. Too many angelfish in a tank can lead to fighting and poor health. Instead, there are many variables that can make a difference beyond tank size, such … Continue reading

Nitrogen Cycle for an Aquarium

A basic principle to understand for angelfish and any fish keeping is the nitrogen cycle for an aquarium. The nitrogen cycle involves fish waste and how it relates to water quality, food, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. Controlling this … Continue reading

Freshwater Angelfish Aquarium Supplies List

There are several basic pieces of equipment needed for any freshwater fish aquarium regardless of the species of fish. These are listed below with notes on things to consider your angelfish tank set up. With proper care and maintenance, the … Continue reading