Programmable LED Fish Tank Lights that Will Mimic Freshwater Angelfish Native Habitats

In their native environment angelfish may live in a shaded area, a spot where trees or other vegetation filter the sunlight and dot the stream with patches of sunlight or in full sunlight. In addition to full sun where the sun provides different light as it progresses from dawn to dusk, some days may be cloudy, rainy or have thunderstorms with lightening. This could happen all in the same day. You can replicated these natural daylight and nighttime conditions with a programmable LED aquarium light. These programmable LED fish tank lights will replicated your freshwater angelfish’s natural habitat lighting.

Finnex Automated LED Hood and Controller

The Finnex programmable light hood comes in five sizes: 20, 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches to fit popular sized aquariums. This Finnex model allows the light to be adjusted to fit a wide range of weather conditions. The hood will simulate the day through an orange sunrise to a starry night in real time. It allows programming conditions throughout the day to simulate thunderstorms, cloudy overcast days and sunlight flickering through branches and leaves. The 4 memory slots allow setting lite intensity and color combinations which can be set to plant preferences. Mounting is adjustable and made to resist the corrosion water can do to metal. The Finnex Automated LED Hood is a good choice for those who want full range of weather conditions for their aquarium. Click here for more info.

VivaGrow DN RGB LED Freshwater Aquarium Light

This LED aquarium hood is designed to encourage plant growth. The VivaGrow DN series is a programmable light to provide a 24 cycle from dawn to nighttime with stars and moonlight lighting. The remote is programmed to 4 preset weather cycles: cloudy, sunny, thunderstorm and moonlight. The remote also allows changing intensity of the colors, white, red, green and blue. This hood comes in two sizes, 36 and 48 inches. Included with the hood is the IR remote, power supply, splash guard, and mounting brackets. While less limited in sizes than the Finnex, the VivaGrow is a good choice for planted aquariums.


Bright with and blue LED lights let you mimic daylight and shadow lighting.

Necrew LED Aquarium Hood

The Necrew LED hood comes in three sizes; 11-19, 20-27 and 28-36 inches with adjustable brackets which allow it to fit different sized aquariums. For longer tanks, you can purchase multiple units and make it work. The light provided by the 36 LEDs is a blue white quality. The LEDs provide light bright enough for most aquariums. The Necrew LED lights are good for healthy plant growth. The power switch has 3 positions, white light, blue light, and off. You can switch light colors during the day by changing the switch.



Florescent and tungsten bulbs have provided standard lighting systems for aquarium use, but are being phased out in favor of LED bulbs. The LED aquarium lights last longer, use less energy and are easy to change. While LED bulbs are relatively new and benefits unproven, LED bulbs allows making lighting hoods for aquariums that can be programmed for different lighting conditions to show your angelfish and blackwater tanks at their best.

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