About Angelfish Selection: Where to Buy and How to Choose Your Angelfish

The best source for the freshwater angelfish fish is usually buying directly from your local angelfish breeder. If you don’t have an angelfish breeder nearby, you can also find them online or by looking for ads in pet fish magazines. … Continue reading

Best Books About Angelfish

Angelfish: Understanding and Keeping Angelfish, by David A. Lass, 2008 Mr. Lass has bred and raised Angelfish for years, and is knowledgeable on the subject. This book covers angelfish in detail. It gives an overview of their native … Continue reading

Freshwater Fish for Tanks with Angelfish: Building the Angelfish Community Tank

A community aquarium is a tank populated with different varieties of fish. Of course, not all freshwater fish for tanks get along well with each other. Any fish that can eat another fish, will eat another fish. The ideal freshwater … Continue reading