Angelfish Health

How to Treat Fin Rot in Angelfish

The long fins and tails of angelfish are susceptible to fin rot. Photo by Carnat Joel/Flickr A white, milky film on an angelfish and other tropical fishes fins and tails is evidence of fin rot on tropical fish. The fins may appear ragged or … Continue reading

Angelfish Eye Disease: Pop-eye

Pop-eye, also known as exophthalmia, is when a fish’s eye protrudes from its face and becomes cloudy. It is a symptom of a fish disease rather than a condition and is caused by poor water quality, injury, and/or bacterial infection. It can … Continue reading

Increasing the Water Temperature to Treat Angelfish Diseases

Raising water temperature is considered a valid treatment to remove parasites and fungus from infected fish. However, increasing temperature for bacterial or viral diseases will cause the bacteria and virus to flourish. Therefore, it is … Continue reading

How To Use Aquarium Salt To Treat Angelfish Diseases

Aquarium salt has been recommended as a general tonic in for freshwater aquariums for decades. Aquarium salt and not sea salt or table salt can be used for this purpose. Salt dips or bathes can treat internal and external parasites, such as … Continue reading

About Angelfish Medications – What is the Best Treatment for Your Sick Angelfish?

Bacteria, parasites, and fungi are the primary causes of diseases in all fish, including angelfish. Fish medications are formulated to address one or all of these conditions. It’s best to try to determine the specific angelfish disease, and … Continue reading

About Angelfish Fins and Tails: Their Care and Solving Problems

The long angelfish fins and tails often need special care and attention as they can easily become damage and infected. This is especially true of veil angelfish with their exceptionally long fins and tails who are more susceptible to tail … Continue reading

Parasites in Fish Common to Angelfish

There are several parasitic diseases in fish that freshwater angelfish are prone to. Wild caught angelfish in particular often introduce parasites uncommon to the tank making quarantine imperative when introducing wild caught angelfish to … Continue reading

Diseases in Fish: Prevention is the Best Medicine

Prevention is the best way to fight any diseases in fish. Good water quality, keeping water conditions appropriate for your angelfish species, and providing quality food will prevent most diseases. Water Quality One of the first places to … Continue reading

Diseases in Fish that Affect Angelfish

Angelfish are susceptible to the same diseases as other freshwater aquarium fish. And prevention and treatment for these diseases are similar to any other fish species. For the best treatment outcome, you will need to positively identify … Continue reading