Angelfish Care

What to Feed Angelfish

What do Angelfish Eat? Freshwater angelfish are omnivores, and eat plants as well as meat. In the wild, Angelfish will eat any worm or insect that comes their way. The best advice for what to feed angelfish is the same as any freshwater … Continue reading

Blackwater Tanks for Angelfish

Angelfish are native to South American blackwater and clearwater streams making a blackwater tank suitable for angelfish. Blackwater enhances the colors of fish native to blackwater streams, and some angelfish breeders find it helps induce … Continue reading

Water Changes in an Angelfish Aquarium

The importance of regular water changes in an angelfish tank, or any aquarium, cannot be understated. It is the most important maintenance performed to keep a healthy tank. Water Changes Fish cannot tolerate and adapt to living in bad water … Continue reading

Basic Fish Tank Set Up for Angelfish

The fish tank set up is an important task as it’s the basis for the health and vitality of the aquarium and therefore the fish. Proper location is also important as it makes maintenance easier. These angelfish aquarium setup guidelines are … Continue reading