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Angelfish Compatibility: Aggressive Fish That You Should Not Put With Angels

Angelfish are generally quiet and peaceful fish. However, they are cichlids and some will nip fins. Though, aggressive and semi-aggressive tank mates will do more damage to angelfish fins and tails, than angelfish will do to each other. This list … Continue reading

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Blackwater Aquarium Fish

The water in a blackwater biotope is slow moving, tea colored, acidic and soft. The goal for a blackwater aquarium is to simulate a natural stream environment for angelfish and their tank mates. Nature produces blackwater streams when leaves, wood … Continue reading

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Types of Angelfish: The Many Freshwater Angelfish Varieties

There are dozens of freshwater angelfish varieties. All are the scalare angelfish species (Pterophyllum scalare) but have different color patterns and tail lengths. It’s important to note that many may not show their true coloring until they become adults. Something … Continue reading

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